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Publish Year : 2008   |   View : 9,251
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1Reaching Rural Taiwan: NPM iPalace Channel Documentary-Trailer
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 12,907 times
This trailer was specially made for NPM iPalace Channel 2016 documentary, which traces the National Palace Museum’s digitization journey and iPalace Channel educational outreach efforts. From the dept...
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2Documenting Victory in Etching
Publish Year : 2015  |  View : 15,303 times
In the year 2015, to commemorate both the 90th anniversary of the National Palace Museum’s founding and the three hundredth year since Italian painter Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) came to the Qing...
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3Getting to Know Asia
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 16,531 times
This section starts from ancient Asian civilization and focuses on the architecture of the museum, which was built to reflect symbolically the exchanges between different civilizations. Apart from the...
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4Cultural Sphere of India
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 6,218 times
Religion plays a central role in Indian culture, out of which Buddhism and Hinduism have had the most profound influence on East and Southeast Asian cultures. As religions spread and commercial activi...
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5Cultural Sphere of China
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 5,765 times
The “cultural sphere of China,” due to its distinctive cultural climate, was formed long ago. This region was heavily influenced by Chinese philosophy and writing, and produced a tradition shared in c...
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6Rising Sun
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 7,710 times
Chiayi county, the site of National Palace Museum Southern Branch, is an agricultural center in Southwestern Taiwan, whose prosperity owes itself to successive generations of strenuous labor. Six tho...
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7Development of Chiayi
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 6,177 times
Facing the ocean on its west side, Chiayi county increasingly became represented on maritime maps during the Age of Discovery. In the 17th century, Chinese migrants from the opposite coast sailed thro...
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8Gathering of the Arts
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 5,841 times
Influenced by expatriate Chinese literati painters during the Qing dynasty, Chiayi traditional painting originally exhibited a combination of poetry and painting. After 1895, it came under Western cul...
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9Crafts in Chiayi
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 5,807 times
Developing concurrently with the rise of cultural activities and religion, arts and crafts made for daily life or religious rituals became abundant. After 1900, crafts fell under the various influence...
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10Religious Beliefs
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 6,116 times
As a result of the influx of different cultures, Chiayi county contains many different religious groups. Along the coast, Wang-Ye worship makes up the majority. The Song Dynasty Nine Dragon Officials ...
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11Adventures in the NPM: The Formosa Odyssey!
Publish Year : 2013  |  View : 62,284 times
The three NPM treasures, Child Pillow, Jade Duck and Pi-hsieh, have always started their journeys together. What surprising adventure are they going to bring us this time? An unexpected visitor from...
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12Rebuilding the Tong-an Ships
Publish Year : 2013  |  View : 15,092 times
The Tongan ship Ji diagram and the Tongan ship No. 1 diagram are two extremely rare colored drawings of Qing dynasty warships in NPM’s collection. To fully understand the origin and the purpose of the...
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13A Trip to the Present: APP Micro Movie (Lost in Time)
Publish Year : 2013  |  View : 17,177 times
"Lost in Time" is a micro-movie, in which Taiwanese actor King Shih-chieh plays the role of Han dynasty court painter Mao Yan-Shou. Mao Yan-Shou guides viewers on a journey to experience the artifacts...
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14On Qian-Long C.H.A.O New Media Art Exhibition of NPM : From the Point View of Trendy Culture
Publish Year : 2013  |  View : 6,002 times
You, too, can be Qianlong—a Son of Heaven, a specially gifted emperor known for “the Ten Great Campaigns” ,a director, collector, and connoisseur who embraced art. For the first time, we connect Qian...
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15Kunyu Quantu
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 7,514 times
This large theatrical interactive installation features a floor-projection of Kunyu Quantu (World Map), upon which visitors can literally globetrot images of the hemispheres in any direction ...
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16Adventures in NPM: Lost in the Art of Landscape Painting - 2D
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 12,136 times
The National Palace Museum cooperated with specialists in the fields of historic relics and digital visual arts to create an interesting animated world full of national treasures. The latest creation ...
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17Painting Animation: One Hundred Horses
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 7,635 times
The production basis of this film is to remain loyal to the original painting. By incorporating the latest high-end animation technology, herds of horses from the painting are rendered in various pose...
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18Painting Anime: Departure Herald and Return Clearing
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 9,834 times
In this handscroll, a great imperial procession is departing from the Victory Gate of the city walls to pay respects at the imperial tombs. The artists depicted shops along the way and the ceremonial...
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19Centennial NPM: Modern Times
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 7,486 times
The National Palace Museum traces its founding back to 1925, with a collection of objects dating back 8,000 years and all the way up to the present age. With more than 690,000 objects, the wealth of i...
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20National Palace Museum: Past, Present, and Future
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 13,067 times
National Palace Museum (NPM) was founded in 1925. The abundant collection made NPM become world-famous. This 45-minute video shows the origin of NPM, retracing the Southern route and museum constructi...
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21Adventures in the NPM: Meet the painting and calligraphy masterpieces
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 7,456 times
National Palace of Museum cooperated with specialists in the fields of cultural artifacts and digital arts to create an interesting animated world full of national treasures. The latest installment, n...
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22Beyond Landscape
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 5,164 times
More than six hundred years ago, Huang Gongwang sketched the forms of Fuchun scenery to convey the lyricism of an ideal landscape in his mind. Many later generations of painters strove to copy and imi...
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23Landscape Reunited - Huang Gongwang and “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 8,159 times
Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is not only the greatest surviving masterpiece by Huang Gongwang (1269-1354), one of the Four Yuan Masters,but also the most renowned work in the history of C...
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24Four Seasons of the NPM
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 5,000 times
The inspirational focus for this exhibition is on the following paintings in the NPM collection: Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring, Lotuses in the Wind at Taiye, Autumn Colors on the Qiao...
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25Mao-Gong Ding Interactive Tabletop of Chinese Characters
Publish Year : 2010  |  View : 7,274 times
To give viewers a better understanding, Mao Gong Ding Interactive Installation animates how the Chinese characters inscriptions inside evolve through the ages. Applying technology to the humanities,...
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26Must See Paintings and Calligraphies Interactive Tabletop
Publish Year : 2010  |  View : 5,226 times
Since Chinese painting and calligraphy are usually done on paper and silk, which are easily damaged by environmental conditions, on average, an artwork in the National Palace Museum's painting and cal...
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27Dynastic Renaissance: Art and Culture of the Southern Song
Publish Year : 2010  |  View : 5,505 times
The Southern Song portion of the Song dynasty, lasting for 153 years (from 1127 to 1279), was a crucial period in the history of China's cultural development. The Southern Song court not only promoted...
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Publish Year : 2008  |  View : 9,251 times
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29Maze of National Treasures
Publish Year : 2008  |  View : 6,585 times
The main character, Idea, visits the National Palace Museum and magically follows the katydids that escaped from the Jadeite Cabbage. He enters the "Maze of National Palace Museum," where he meets Gra...
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30Adventures in the NPM
Publish Year : 2007  |  View : 15,177 times
To demonstrate the digitization outcomes at the National Palace Museum (NPM), computer animation technology has been used to personify treasures in the NPM collection as its “superstars”, in the hope ...
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31A Butterfly in the Evening Breeze: The Imperial Gardens of Emperor Hui-tsung
Publish Year : 2005  |  View : 9,425 times
A Butterfly in the Evening Breeze: The Imperial Gardens of Emperor Hui-tsung
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