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Adventures of the Mythical Creatures at the National Palace Museum
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Bang! Something's happening in the world of the "Great Universal Map." Animals in it are running wild. What is happening to them? The call of the ancient map guides the animals painted by Castiglione to an exciting adventure. The brave dogs from Ten Fine Hounds, and Long-haired Dog Beneath Blossoms, the lemur from Cochin Lemur and the deer from Auspicious Roe Deer gather together to overcome obstacles while learning to appreciate the spirit of Castiglione's art along the way. This is the National Palace Museum's first 4K animation. Here we have gathered Taiwan's best animators to present Castiglione's art to the fullest under 4K resolution.
Publish Year : 2015  |  View : 23,895 times
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1Reaching Rural Taiwan: NPM iPalace Channel Documentary-Trailer
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 9,706 times
This trailer was specially made for NPM iPalace Channel 2016 documentary, which traces the National Palace Museum’s digitization journey and iPalace Channel educational outreach efforts. From the dept...
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Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,247 times
國立故宮博物院與全球智慧型手機與虛擬實境創新設計領導者HTC(宏達國際電子股份有限公司),共同發表全球首創的書法沉浸式虛擬實境應用《自敘‧心境》,內容取材自故宮全球知名典藏唐代書法名家懷素的狂草名作〈自敘帖〉,由爻域互動科技設計製作;作品透過HTC VIVE並結合情境展演,打造出如真似幻、前所未有的虛擬實境體驗場域與內容,帶領體驗者穿越時空,感受最真實的虛擬實境文化之旅。
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3The Beauty of Islamic Jade
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 853 times
In the middle of the 18th century, owing to Emperor Qianlong’s love for Islamic jade, they were transported to China from all over the world. This film will introduce the unique beauty of Islamic jade...
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4Flora and Foliage on Islamic Jades
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 836 times
Floral and leaf motifs are the main decorative elements on Islamic jades. They appear with more diversity in Indian jades. Diverse plant forms are rendered delicately to show the beauty of organic lif...
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5Get to Know Asia with Hanuman
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 692 times
The film Get to Know Asia with Hanuman presents Asia through the eyes of Hanuman as he guides audiences on a tour of Asia’s unique scenery, customs, peoples, festivals, and architecture. He explains ...
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6Get to Know Asian Textiles with Hanuman
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 664 times
This episode combines 2-D and 3-D animation with live action film to distinguish six types of textiles: cotton, hemp, silk, fur, banana fiber, and tree bark. Using a captivating storyline, the conten...
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Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 826 times
The Indian epic Ramayana is important historically for laying out the foundations of religious belief and moral standards in India. The protagonist of the story, Rama, who is believed to be the incarn...
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8Learn about Vietnamese Food with Hanuman
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 709 times
This video presents an overview of Vietnam’s gourmet food culture, illuminating key characteristics of the three regional cuisines of North, South, and Central Vietnam. Hanuman’s lively food reviews u...
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9Teacher Training: Flipped Classroom in Museum Education
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 4,160 times
Flipped classroom is a new teaching method that focuses on developing student self-learning, thinking and expression. In the students’ process of receiving information, this method attracts students’ ...
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10Song Dynasty Tea Drinking Customs
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,639 times
The film, based on the painting Preparing Tea, attributed to Southern Song dynasty artist Liu Songnian (ca. 1174-1224), uses 3-D animations to show the tea drinking customs of Song dynasty.
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11Gongfu tea in Taiwan
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,632 times
The film explores the origins of Chaoshan Gongfu tea leaves and tea sets, as well as introduces the evolution of Gongfu tea in Taiwan and modern tea brewing practices.
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12Adventures of the Mythical Creatures at the National Palace Museum
Publish Year : 2015  |  View : 23,895 times
Bang! Something's happening in the world of the "Great Universal Map." Animals in it are running wild. What is happening to them? The call of the ancient map guides the animals painted by Castiglione ...
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13Documenting Victory in Etching
Publish Year : 2015  |  View : 8,493 times
In the year 2015, to commemorate both the 90th anniversary of the National Palace Museum’s founding and the three hundredth year since Italian painter Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) came to the Qing...
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14Diplomatic Credentials Failed to Deliver
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 4,142 times
In 1905, the Qing Empire was on the verge of collapsing. In order to pacify domestic turmoil, the Qing government planned a political reform. In the name of creating China’s first Constitution, five h...
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15Fantasia in the NPM
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 4,095 times
The main character of the film is the spokesperson of the Children’s Gallery, May. The film follows her on a fantastical journey with her parents to the National Palace Museum. On the train, the littl...
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16Getting to Know Asia
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 9,541 times
This section starts from ancient Asian civilization and focuses on the architecture of the museum, which was built to reflect symbolically the exchanges between different civilizations. Apart from the...
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17Cultural Sphere of India
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,176 times
Religion plays a central role in Indian culture, out of which Buddhism and Hinduism have had the most profound influence on East and Southeast Asian cultures. As religions spread and commercial activi...
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18Cultural Sphere of China
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,262 times
The “cultural sphere of China,” due to its distinctive cultural climate, was formed long ago. This region was heavily influenced by Chinese philosophy and writing, and produced a tradition shared in c...
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19Rising Sun
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 1,980 times
Chiayi county, the site of National Palace Museum Southern Branch, is an agricultural center in Southwestern Taiwan, whose prosperity owes itself to successive generations of strenuous labor. Six tho...
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20Development of Chiayi
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 1,737 times
Facing the ocean on its west side, Chiayi county increasingly became represented on maritime maps during the Age of Discovery. In the 17th century, Chinese migrants from the opposite coast sailed thro...
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21Gathering of the Arts
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 1,587 times
Influenced by expatriate Chinese literati painters during the Qing dynasty, Chiayi traditional painting originally exhibited a combination of poetry and painting. After 1895, it came under Western cul...
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22Crafts in Chiayi
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 1,679 times
Developing concurrently with the rise of cultural activities and religion, arts and crafts made for daily life or religious rituals became abundant. After 1900, crafts fell under the various influence...
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23Religious Beliefs
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 1,876 times
As a result of the influx of different cultures, Chiayi county contains many different religious groups. Along the coast, Wang-Ye worship makes up the majority. The Song Dynasty Nine Dragon Officials ...
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24Adventures in the NPM: The Formosa Odyssey!
Publish Year : 2013  |  View : 50,796 times
The three NPM treasures, Child Pillow, Jade Duck and Pi-hsieh, have always started their journeys together. What surprising adventure are they going to bring us this time? An unexpected visitor from...
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25Rebuilding the Tong-an Ships
Publish Year : 2013  |  View : 11,147 times
The Tongan ship Ji diagram and the Tongan ship No. 1 diagram are two extremely rare colored drawings of Qing dynasty warships in NPM’s collection. To fully understand the origin and the purpose of the...
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26A Trip to the Present: APP Micro Movie (Lost in Time)
Publish Year : 2013  |  View : 13,734 times
"Lost in Time" is a micro-movie, in which Taiwanese actor King Shih-chieh plays the role of Han dynasty court painter Mao Yan-Shou. Mao Yan-Shou guides viewers on a journey to experience the artifacts...
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27On Qian-Long C.H.A.O New Media Art Exhibition of NPM : From the Point View of Trendy Culture
Publish Year : 2013  |  View : 3,033 times
You, too, can be Qianlong—a Son of Heaven, a specially gifted emperor known for “the Ten Great Campaigns” ,a director, collector, and connoisseur who embraced art. For the first time, we connect Qian...
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28Kunyu Quantu
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 4,307 times
This large theatrical interactive installation features a floor-projection of Kunyu Quantu (World Map), upon which visitors can literally globetrot images of the hemispheres in any direction ...
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29Adventures in NPM: Lost in the Art of Landscape Painting - 2D
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 6,382 times
The National Palace Museum cooperated with specialists in the fields of historic relics and digital visual arts to create an interesting animated world full of national treasures. The latest creation ...
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30Painting Animation: One Hundred Horses
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 4,417 times
The production basis of this film is to remain loyal to the original painting. By incorporating the latest high-end animation technology, herds of horses from the painting are rendered in various pose...
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31The Heavenly Spirit of Calligraphy
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 1,967 times
The video begins with six methods regarding rules of Chinese character formation to demonstrate the splendid structure and forms of Chinese words. Then it presents epigraph and calligraphy on oracle ...
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32Painting Anime: Departure Herald and Return Clearing
Publish Year : 2012  |  View : 4,344 times
In this handscroll, a great imperial procession is departing from the Victory Gate of the city walls to pay respects at the imperial tombs. The artists depicted shops along the way and the ceremonial...
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33Centennial NPM: Modern Times
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 4,455 times
The National Palace Museum traces its founding back to 1925, with a collection of objects dating back 8,000 years and all the way up to the present age. With more than 690,000 objects, the wealth of i...
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34National Palace Museum: Past, Present, and Future
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 5,936 times
National Palace Museum (NPM) was founded in 1925. The abundant collection made NPM become world-famous. This 45-minute video shows the origin of NPM, retracing the Southern route and museum constructi...
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35Journeying from Past to Present: A Life of Refined Tastes
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 1,174 times
To promote the beauty of Chinese art and culture, the National Palace Museum is helping to promote aesthetic appreciation by specially planning and producing the innovative video "Journeying from Past...
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36Adventures in the NPM: Meet the painting and calligraphy masterpieces
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 4,084 times
National Palace of Museum cooperated with specialists in the fields of cultural artifacts and digital arts to create an interesting animated world full of national treasures. The latest installment, n...
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37Beyond Landscape
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 2,412 times
More than six hundred years ago, Huang Gongwang sketched the forms of Fuchun scenery to convey the lyricism of an ideal landscape in his mind. Many later generations of painters strove to copy and imi...
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38Landscape Reunited - Huang Gongwang and “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 3,877 times
Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains is not only the greatest surviving masterpiece by Huang Gongwang (1269-1354), one of the Four Yuan Masters,but also the most renowned work in the history of C...
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39Four Seasons of the NPM
Publish Year : 2011  |  View : 2,310 times
The inspirational focus for this exhibition is on the following paintings in the NPM collection: Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring, Lotuses in the Wind at Taiye, Autumn Colors on the Qiao...
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40Mao-Gong Ding Interactive Tabletop of Chinese Characters
Publish Year : 2010  |  View : 4,207 times
To give viewers a better understanding, Mao Gong Ding Interactive Installation animates how the Chinese characters inscriptions inside evolve through the ages. Applying technology to the humanities,...
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41Must See Paintings and Calligraphies Interactive Tabletop
Publish Year : 2010  |  View : 2,597 times
Since Chinese painting and calligraphy are usually done on paper and silk, which are easily damaged by environmental conditions, on average, an artwork in the National Palace Museum's painting and cal...
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42Dynastic Renaissance: Art and Culture of the Southern Song
Publish Year : 2010  |  View : 2,881 times
The Southern Song portion of the Song dynasty, lasting for 153 years (from 1127 to 1279), was a crucial period in the history of China's cultural development. The Southern Song court not only promoted...
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43The Emperor’s Treasure Chests
Publish Year : 2010  |  View : 1,802 times
In China, during Qianlong's reign (1736-1795), imperial craftsmen diligently worked at their creations as the emperor attended to the numerous affairs of state. Emperor Qianlong, however, used whateve...
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Publish Year : 2008  |  View : 5,913 times
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45Maze of National Treasures
Publish Year : 2008  |  View : 3,490 times
The main character, Idea, visits the National Palace Museum and magically follows the katydids that escaped from the Jadeite Cabbage. He enters the "Maze of National Palace Museum," where he meets Gra...
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46Adventures in the NPM
Publish Year : 2007  |  View : 10,555 times
To demonstrate the digitization outcomes at the National Palace Museum (NPM), computer animation technology has been used to personify treasures in the NPM collection as its “superstars”, in the hope ...
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47Inside: The Emperor’s Treasure
Publish Year : 2007  |  View : 4,085 times
"Inside: The Emperor's Treasure" not only takes international viewers deep into the treasure vaults of the National Palace Museum but also shows the museum's process of preserving artifacts with mo...
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48In The Golden Age of Chinese Craftsmanship Advertisement
Publish Year : 2006  |  View : 2,152 times
Led by the famous Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien, In the Golden Age of Chinese Craftsmanship shows the extraordinary precision and quality of Chinese craftsmen from the Ming and Ch'ing dy...
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49First Under Heaven: Emperor Hui-tsung and the New Vision for Calligraphy and Painting in the Northern Sung
Publish Year : 2006  |  View : 1,153 times
Hui-tsung was the most famous artist-emperor in Chinese history. This film portrays his embodiment of the three perfections of painting, calligraphy, and poetry.The contents are divided into four sect...
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50A Glimpse at Wind in Pines
Publish Year : 2006  |  View : 1,990 times
Myriad Valleys of Wind in Pines (1124) is one of the most important masterpieces of Chinese painting from the Sung dynasty. A team of professionals from the Independent Administrative Institu...
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51A Butterfly in the Evening Breeze: The Imperial Gardens of Emperor Hui-tsung
Publish Year : 2005  |  View : 6,150 times
A Butterfly in the Evening Breeze: The Imperial Gardens of Emperor Hui-tsung
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52The Passage
Publish Year : 2004  |  View : 1,780 times
Directed by Cheng Wen-tang, The Passage has been selected for many film competitions and was awarded Best Sound Effects at the 41st Golden Horse Film Festival. With the National Palace Museum...
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53The beauty of calligraphy
Publish Year : 2004  |  View : 1,671 times
Chinese Calligraphy is a unique art form in the field of Han culture. It has a long history, its styles and features having stood the test of time. They have the power of both expressing inner feelin...
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54Behind the Palace, Beyond the Horizon
Publish Year : 2003  |  View : 1,951 times
How do works of art from the distant past spark creativity now?
In 2003, the National Palace Museum invited international and local artists and students to visit to the museum. Afterwards, they...
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55The Beauty of Famous Paintings in the National Palace Museum
Publish Year : 2003  |  View : 1,642 times
Chinese paintings not only testify to the uniqueness of China's culture but also showcase beauty and refinement. In this video, you'll come to further appreciate 22 of these famous paintings from the ...
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