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Learn about Vietnamese Food with Hanuman
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Intro :
This video presents an overview of Vietnam’s gourmet food culture, illuminating key characteristics of the three regional cuisines of North, South, and Central Vietnam. Hanuman’s lively food reviews use food to teach children about Vietnamese culture.
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,198 times
Southern Branch of NPM
1Getting to Know Asia
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 10,542 times
This section starts from ancient Asian civilization and focuses on the architecture of the museum, which was built to reflect symbolically the exchanges between different civilizat...
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2Cultural Sphere of India
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,921 times
Religion plays a central role in Indian culture, out of which Buddhism and Hinduism have had the most profound influence on East and Southeast Asian cultures. As religions spread a...
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3Cultural Sphere of China
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,928 times
The “cultural sphere of China,” due to its distinctive cultural climate, was formed long ago. This region was heavily influenced by Chinese philosophy and writing, and produced a t...
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4Rising Sun
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,628 times
Chiayi county, the site of National Palace Museum Southern Branch, is an agricultural center in Southwestern Taiwan, whose prosperity owes itself to successive generations of stren...
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5Development of Chiayi
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,357 times
Facing the ocean on its west side, Chiayi county increasingly became represented on maritime maps during the Age of Discovery. In the 17th century, Chinese migrants from the opposi...
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6Gathering of the Arts
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,179 times
Influenced by expatriate Chinese literati painters during the Qing dynasty, Chiayi traditional painting originally exhibited a combination of poetry and painting. After 1895, it ca...
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7Crafts in Chiayi
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,280 times
Developing concurrently with the rise of cultural activities and religion, arts and crafts made for daily life or religious rituals became abundant. After 1900, crafts fell under t...
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8Religious Beliefs
Publish Year : 2014  |  View : 2,516 times
As a result of the influx of different cultures, Chiayi county contains many different religious groups. Along the coast, Wang-Ye worship makes up the majority. The Song Dynasty Ni...
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9The Beauty of Islamic Jade
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,401 times
In the middle of the 18th century, owing to Emperor Qianlong’s love for Islamic jade, they were transported to China from all over the world. This film will introduce the unique be...
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10Flora and Foliage on Islamic Jades
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,278 times
Floral and leaf motifs are the main decorative elements on Islamic jades. They appear with more diversity in Indian jades. Diverse plant forms are rendered delicately to show the b...
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11Get to Know Asia with Hanuman
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,258 times
The film Get to Know Asia with Hanuman presents Asia through the eyes of Hanuman as he guides audiences on a tour of Asia’s unique scenery, customs, peoples, festivals, and archit...
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12Get to Know Asian Textiles with Hanuman
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,170 times
This episode combines 2-D and 3-D animation with live action film to distinguish six types of textiles: cotton, hemp, silk, fur, banana fiber, and tree bark. Using a captivating s...
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Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,372 times
The Indian epic Ramayana is important historically for laying out the foundations of religious belief and moral standards in India. The protagonist of the story, Rama, who is belie...
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14Learn about Vietnamese Food with Hanuman
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 1,198 times
This video presents an overview of Vietnam’s gourmet food culture, illuminating key characteristics of the three regional cuisines of North, South, and Central Vietnam. Hanuman’s l...
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15Teacher Training: Flipped Classroom in Museum Education
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 4,886 times
Flipped classroom is a new teaching method that focuses on developing student self-learning, thinking and expression. In the students’ process of receiving information, this method...
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16Song Dynasty Tea Drinking Customs
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 2,169 times
The film, based on the painting Preparing Tea, attributed to Southern Song dynasty artist Liu Songnian (ca. 1174-1224), uses 3-D animations to show the tea drinking customs of Song...
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17Gongfu tea in Taiwan
Publish Year : 2016  |  View : 2,770 times
The film explores the origins of Chaoshan Gongfu tea leaves and tea sets, as well as introduces the evolution of Gongfu tea in Taiwan and modern tea brewing practices....
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